Floral Land | OMNIALUO 2019 Spring-Summer Fashion Show Concludes in Success

Oriental Artistic Conceptual Show of floral land and Stream

In the evening of August 23, 2018, the original designer brand OMNIALUO put on a poetic show for its 2019 Spring-Summer Panorama 3D Conceptual Show “Floral Land” in B.Park. It is a passionate interaction between orient and arts, and arts and technology, as well as an aesthetic creation integrating brand new artistic forms.

The serene and beautiful “lakeside”, the tranquil and green aquatic plants, the mysterious and fairylike girl, nature, shadow, colors - all these elements formed an artistic painting-like view.

The oriental poetic conception with floral land and stream integrated stage, scene play, image and music across different disciplines. The performance comprised of three episodes of scene plays, being The Story of Scenery-Seeking, Amongst Flowers and Valleys and Dreaming Flower Origins. The interaction between nature and arts and the latest 3D audio, visual and video prospective created sensory experience that was sometimes hazy yet sometimes real, bringing the audience into an infinite art space of scene show that was full of imagination.


Inspired by the scene of a mysterious floral land, the whole show presented a picture of greenery, streams and valleys surrounded by bushes, where verdant plants, wild and tranquil mosses, blooming flowers, winding paths, mist and sporadic shadows created a sense of leisure and serenity.


The Hang performance marked the commencement of OMNIALUO 2019 Spring-Summer New Collection Launch. The dense ambience surrounded the whole site and the 3D hi-tech holographic projection effects brought one into a mysterious floral world.

Wearing a wreath around head and ethereal dresses with blossom printing, the models walked elegant steps like fairies through mosses and bushes, filling the whole show with the aura of a fairyland.

Mysterious floral fairyland, the inner self expression of returning to nature


While endless flowers are as romantic as a dream, the floral fairies slide to the intriguing forest in light steps. OMNIALUO 2019 Spring-Summer New Collection “Floral Land” blends the European classic arts into China’s oriental poetry and displays the elegant and romantic surprise out of the oriental charm. It explores multi-dimensional artistic forms from the contemporary aesthetic prospective and through the artistic integration of flowers and people, traces to women’s inner world of “romance, richness, purity and beauty”, representing their propensity to return to nature. While exploring people’s “original self” in nature, it presents modern women’s unleashing of beauty and elegance.


The diversified printing together with superb fabrics of different textures and different design techniques intends to reflect the oriental conceptual beauty. While the design is ethereal and graceful, it is decorated with mass western style of free cutting and feminine charm, which is meant more to showcase modern women’s most authentic inner beauty. It is both romantic and imaginative.

More than just fashion and trend, the new collection at the OMNIALUO Show expresses a design attitude, an exploration of the aesthetic philosophy from a new prospective. It absorbs the 2019 popular Morandi colors to create a graceful and romantic artistic style, adopts exquisite fabrics such as lace and satin and uses inlaid beads, wing embroidery and 3D flowers to exhibit modern women’s beautiful, elegant and perfect transformation.

Ms. Luo Zheng, Chairwoman and Art Director of Shenzhen Oriental Fashion Co., Ltd., said, “I hope to poetically demonstrate the inspiration from oriental aesthetics and maximally present in the show the diversity and richness encountered. I want to let the audience feel the oriental rich and meaningful culture, its poetic beauty and delicacy through the ethereal conception exhibited on the stage. In terms of design, the focus is to manifest the concept of “Floral Land”. In addition to diversity and innovation in design, more focus is given to women’s authentic inner return to nature for seeking a kind of balance. The mixed use of various exquisite and superior fabrics have also achieved surprising effect of excellence and quality.”

It is a fantastic interdisciplinary conceptual show as well as a wonderful artistic feast. It brings you across urban forests into the “floral land”, perfectly integrates the beauty of fashion and natural plants and fully displays feminine inner beauty through oriental poetic aesthetics.

OMNIALUO does not only build elegant appearance for independent and beautiful women, but also helps them find back the original heart that is as most beautiful as a floral land and the most natural and relaxed self. OMNIALUO realizes women’s dream for the clothes that are physically and mentally nourishing and brings it up to a higher level.